Love Oostende

Why Oostende? To be honest I never thought I would live here one day. When I moved from Ghent I was looking for a place to live closeby nature. I temporarely lived in a beachfront appartment in Oostende and of course fell in love with the view. I went for endless walks on the beach, … Continue reading Love Oostende


Greenland, by far the country I have been to that I knew the least about beforehand. The only image that came to mind was of colorful houses, vast spaces and the Inuit inhabitants. Let’s be clear I only visited a small part of the country, having the pleasure to be asked to join a Seabourn … Continue reading GREENland

My favorite happy healthy addresses in Ghent

Ghent is called the vegetarian capital of the world. We even have a weekly veggie day in our city on Thursday. One day in the week is dedicated to lowering the consumption of meat. Local organization EVA is responsable for this initiative and many more in Ghent and Belgium.

So it is probably no surprise to you that we have many veggie & vegan & veggie friendly restaurants in our city. Many of those restaurants make a big effort to work with organic ingredients. They bake with unrefined sugar, in short they add in the good stuff and leave the bad stuff out.
Listed below you can find my favorite addresses.

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