It’s all bout sleep

More than ever, sleep matters so much. From my childhood on I had sleeping problems. Over the years I tried it all to have a better sleep hygiene. I’m happy to share what I learned over the years. A ‘healthy’ lifestyle‘ doesn’t only include eating your greens, drinken enough water and exercising. Having fulfilling relationships … Continue reading It’s all bout sleep

Yoga for everybody

I remember my first time I did yoga, it was in Bruges, a class at lunchtime. I could not wait until class was over… boring I thought. I needed action, dance, run… all to stop my monkey mind, just doing slow asanas and shavasana, what was that about, concentrating on your breathing and relaxing :). … Continue reading Yoga for everybody

Green shakshuka

After countless sweet breakfasts my body decided it was time for something else. Shakshuka, is a dish with poached eggs in a tomato/veggie sauce. As that same body of mine has had enough tomatoes for some days I decided to make a green shakshuka. This is simply using the local green veggies my sweet organic … Continue reading Green shakshuka

Love Oostende

Why Oostende? To be honest I never thought I would live here one day. When I moved from Ghent I was looking for a place to live closeby nature. I temporarely lived in a beachfront appartment in Oostende and of course fell in love with the view. I went for endless walks on the beach, … Continue reading Love Oostende

Spring rolls

You need: Rice paper Vegetables cut in strips with serrated fine peeler (has small ridges along the blade): Kohlrabi, carrot, beetroot, cucumber… Quinoa or rice noodles Mint or coriander Pickled ginger (from Clearspring f.e.) Then what? Put everything together in the middle of the rice sheet (with the herb at the top) and then fold … Continue reading Spring rolls

Banana bread

Everybody is baking banana bread and so am I :). Every week I order 5 bananas @ the organic farmer, so the end of the week I have some ripe bananas left. I don’t really follow the same recipe, whenever Im’ ready to make a banana bread I look in my cupboard what else I … Continue reading Banana bread

Amaranth porridge

I’m this person who loves variation. I simply cannot imagine eating every day the same thing. Breakfast is kind of my favorite meal of the day and during these Corona days I usually make myself a platter of all kind of (mostly) healthy goodies. My latest (breakfast) discovery is amaranth porridge. Amaranth is related to … Continue reading Amaranth porridge