I met Shay in Amsterdam during our IIN year. We were both still learning and searching how to incorporate health coaching into our lives. A few years later I’m impressed on what she already achieved. I love the passion she has for coaching people, learning them how to stay off sugar and live a healthy … Continue reading Shay


I attended one of Sandra’s workshops in Ghent some time ago. I loved her energy and passion. We met later on, on several occasions, connected and now we regularly work together on the organic market in Ghent, selling gluten free and plant based goodies. So thankful to have met this lady. Can you tell us … Continue reading Sandra


I met Ceylan last year (2015) during a conference of IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). We connected during lunch and together with 2 other students we spent the weekend exploring healthy restaurants in Barcelona (where the conference took place). With her smile and enthusiasm she is a great person to spend time with. With that … Continue reading Ceylan